Onyx Liquid Embolic System Onyx HD-500 (Humanitarian Use Device)

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In this study, we plan to treat difficult aneurysms by embolization with Onyx, which is a liquid material that is delivered inside the aneurysm through the microcatheter instead of the coils. Onyx has gained FDA clearance under a Humanitarian Use Device (a designation for devices that will be used to treat fewer than 4,000 people a year). 

Cerebral aneurysms are currently treated by embolization with coils or by surgery. Coil embolization is a minimally invasive procedure.  From the artery in the groin, a microcatheter (plastic tube) is guided into the brain arteries then into the aneurysm. Coils (tiny soft wires) are then placed into the aneurysm to block blood flow into it.  Some aneurysms, especially when they have a large neck (the neck is the opening between the aneurysm and the artery), are difficult to treat by either coil embolization or surgery. We think that Onyx will provide an alternative treatment for aneurysms difficult to treat by coil embolization or surgery.

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