Cognitive and Sensorimotor Event-Related Potentials Recorded With Subdural and Depth Electrodes

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This study examines the neural mechanisms involved in basic perceptual and cognitive processes in the visual, auditory and somatosensory domains. Intra-cranial electrophysiological recording will be taken from patients undergoing subdural grid studies prior to surgical treatment for medically refractory partial epilepsy. Suitable patients will be chosen based on the position of the grid and strip electrodes. The enhancement of the spatio-temporal resolution afforded by intra-cranial recording in epilepsy patient will enable us to evaluate the time-course and neural structures involved in the investigated perceptual and cognitive processes with great precision. Visual stimuli will consist of pictures of objects, virtual reality types mazes and bar and grating patterns. Auditory stimuli will consist of phonemes, words, tones and ticks. Somatosensory stimuli will consist of nerve stimulation, vibratory stimuli or puffs of air. Cognitive tasks include naming objects, identifying differences between stimuli and planning of motor sequences.

Principal Investigator: Theodore Schwartz, M.D.

Phone: 212-746-5620