Arts, Creativity, and the Brain

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Presented by Dr. Ning Lin, award-winning Weill Cornell Medicine neurosurgeon with a unique combination of neurosurgical and endovascular experience in treating a wide range of vascular diseases of the brain and spine

The human brain to the body is the conductor to the symphony orchestra.

Not only does the brain operate to maintain essential neurological functions such as motor, language and memory, it also serves as the platform for higher cognitive pursuits such as artistic creation. Recent scientific and technological advances have allowed us to better understand the neuronal circuitry by which brain perceives and comprehends art and beauty. Conversely, participation in artistic endeavors, both physically and mentally, may aid the brain to recover and preserve basic neurological functions. Here, we will explore the anatomic structures and circuits responsible for visualizing and perceiving art, and discuss how creative activities could lead to a more fulfilling aging process.

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