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US News Rates Us Best in NY (Again)

Dr. Philip E. Stieg, chairman of the Weill Cornell Department of Neurosurgery

We are now ranked as the best neurology/neurosurgery practice in New York, the best in the northeast, and the best east of the Mississippi River.

Dr. Hartl’s Team Wins AO Foundation Start-up Grant for Spine Research

Dr. Roger Härtl and research fellow Yu Moriguchi

Dr. Yu Moriguchi has been awarded a $67,000 start-up grant from the AO Foundation for a research project that holds promise for the repair of herniated discs.

DIPG Clinical Trial Continuation Wins FDA Approval

FDA approval allows Dr. Souweidane to re-open the trial and enroll additional pediatric brain tumor patients.

Epilepsy Team Implants First NeuroPace RNS Neurostimulator

Tracey Drake was the first patient at Weill Cornell to receive the NeuroPace RNS System, a cranial implant designed to prevent seizures.

Dr. Theodore Schwartz and the epilepsy team at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center have successfully implanted its first cranial implant for epilepsy since the device was approved last fall.

The Next Chapter Begins

Dr. Philip E. Stieg (center), chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, with graduates Dr. David Rubin and Dr. Caitlin Hoffman

David Rubin, M.D., and Caitlin Hoffman, M.D., have completed their seven-year residency at Weill Cornell and are departing for the next stages of their careers.