Dr. Kaplitt to Address Nobel Forum on Parkinson’s Disease

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Dr. Michael Kaplitt

On April 11, which is World Parkinson’s Day, Dr. Michael Kaplitt will speak in the Nobel Forum at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm at a Symposium entitled “Recognizing 200 Years of Studies on Parkinson’s Disease.” The symposium commemorates the 200th anniversary of the publication of James Parkinson’s “Essay on the Shaking Palsy," which described the condition that was later named for him. Symposium lectures will address the causes of Parkinson’s disease, the complexity of the diagnosis, treatment options, and new progress toward finding ways to slow progression of the disease. Dr. Kaplitt, acclaimed as a pioneer in Parkinson’s disease research, will give his talk on “Gene Therapy and Neuromodulation for Parkinson’s Disease.” The following day, Dr. Kaplitt will deliver another talk at the Institute with an update on his current research projects. 

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