Dr. Kaplitt and Alexandra Lebenthal on Squawk Box

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Lebenthal Holdings CEO Alexandra Lebenthal and Weill Cornell Medicine neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Kaplitt talked about focused ultrasound for essential tremor on CNBC Squawk Box

Dr. Michael Kaplitt and Lebenthal Holdings CEO Alexandra Lebenthal appeared on CNBC Squawk Box today to talk about the focused ultrasound procedure that has virtually eliminated her essential tremor.

The procedure is a completely noninvasive way to remove a tiny malfunctioning part of the brain that causes essential tremor. Approved for essential tremor just a few months ago by the FDA, focused ultrasound can reduce or even eliminate the involuntary shaking that characterizes essential tremor. Weill Cornell Medicine is the only facility in New York that offers this groundbreaking procedure.

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