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Dr. Marongiu Wins Parkinson’s Disease Research Award

Roberta Marongiu, Ph.D - Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Marongiu’s research will focus on menopause as a transition state in susceptibility to Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Elowitz Named Vice Chair for Quality and Patient Safety

Dr. Eric Elowitz - Weill Cornell Medicine

In his new role, Dr. Elowitz will oversee the quality of all neurological surgery faculty and their compliance with regulatory requirements as well as manage related administrative needs, policies, and procedures.

Dr. Souweidane’s Phase 1 Trial Findings Published in Lancet Oncology

Mark M Souweidane, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine

Today, the peer-reviewed journal Lancet Oncology published the highly anticipated results of Dr. Mark Souweidane’s first-ever dose escalation study using convection-enhanced delivery (CED) in patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). The milestone Phase I clinical trial, which investigated the safety of using CED to bypass the blood-brain barrier and administer a drug directly to a brain stem tumor site, resulted in no serious adverse effects and no dose-limiting toxicity; researchers conclude that the technique is safe to use in children.

Dr. Souweidane Talks About DIPG on The Lancet Oncology

Dr. Mark Souweidane - Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Souweidane joins The Lancet Oncology to discuss his dose-escalation study, assessing a convection-enhanced delivery for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.


Dr. Kaplitt Talks About Focused Ultrasound on CoreBrain Journal

Michael Kaplitt, MD, PhD, Weill Cornell Medicine

In this second part of a series on Essential Tremor, Dr. Kaplitt talks about using high-intensity focused ultrasound to relieve essential tremor in a patient on CoreBrain Journal.