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Dr. Cisse Featured on “Good Doctors” Podcast

Dr. Babacar Cisse, MD. PhD

Babacar Cisse, MD, PhD, describes his amazing journey from Senegal to New York, his struggles to get a foothold in the United States, and his philosophy about taking care of his patients.

Dr. Parker Becomes Two-Time Winner of the Gaposchkin Prize

Whitney Parker, M.D., Ph.D.

The Gaposchkin Prize recognizes excellence in research by a neurosurgery resident.

Dr. Marongiu Interviewed About Her Work on Menopause-Parkinson’s Link

Roberta Marongiu, PhD, Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Marongiu’s research is focused on how perimenopause – the transitional phase of the menopause process – influences a woman’s susceptibility to Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Emilie George Recognized for AOC Project

Emilie George, MD

This newly minted MD has a personal connection to the Brain and Spine Center

Dr. Ben Hartley Presents PrIMES at Subway Summit 2019

Dr. Ben Hartley Presents PrIMES at Subway Summit 2019

During a presentation at the annual Medical Education Subway Summit this week, fifth-year neurosurgery resident Benjamin Hartley, MD, presented the progress made by the new Program for Individualized Mentorship Education Solutions (PrIMES) during its inaugural year.