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Three-Time Winner: Dr. Souweidane Extends His Fight Against DIPG

Dr. Mark Souweidane

Dr. Mark Souweidane performed a third direct infusion of a cancer-fighting drug into the brain of a young patient — the first time a child has received a third treatment.

Dr. Souweidane Treats Final Patient in Groundbreaking DIPG Clinical Trial

Dr. Mark Souweidane

After four years and 31 infusions, the clinical trial has concluded

Legal Scholar to Deliver Michael L. J. Apuzzo Lecture at CNS 2016

CNS 2016

Akhil Reed Amar will speak on the topic of "Creativity and Innovation Associated with the Noble Experiment of Democracy" on Sunday, September 25.

Major Work by Dr. Härtl Published in Neurosurgery

Ten-Step MIS Lumbar Decompression and Dural Repair through Tubular Retractors

The leading journal Neurosurgery today published a major paper by Dr. Roger Härtl and his colleagues, summarizing important findings from more than a decade of clinical research on minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for spine conditions. The paper, “Ten-Step MIS Lumbar Decompression and Dural Repair through Tubular Retractors,” documents the detailed steps of four MIS procedures with a review of clinical outcomes in 331 patients.

CBTP Lab’s “Summer Sprint” Continues

Matthew Bernstein in the Weill Cornell Children's Brain Tumor Project Lab

The final two participants in the summer 2016 research program have arrived in the Children’s Brain Tumor Project (CBTP) lab. Matthew Bernstein, who lost his brother Zachary to DIPG and who currently serves as the Youth Volunteer Coordinator for his family’s Fly a Kite Foundation, will spend August helping kick-start our efforts to build a database of thalamic glioma samples. These samples, in combination with the data we are assembling through the online Thalamic Glioma Registry, will be invaluable in new, specific research efforts dedicated to these rare brain tumors.