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Spine Surgeon Saves Flight Attendant After Three-Story Fall

"Writhing in pain inside a dilapidated hospital in the Dominican Republic, Brooklyn native Jessica Mazzone didn't think she'd ever walk again.

The 28-year-old flight attendant had fallen three stories from a hotel balcony on the eastern tip of the island, snapping her spine and shattering her left leg.

Promising Results from First Gene Therapy Clinical Trial for Parkinson's Disease Reported in The Lancet

Patients' motor skills improved with no major side effects, Weill Cornell team reports

New York Magazine Feature: A Firefighter's Leap From a Building Fire, and Dr. Härtl's Fight to Save Him

In 2005, Eugene Stolowski was one of four firefighters who jumped from a burning building in the Bronx on what became known as Black Sunday. Two of the four died at the scene, and Stolowski suffered a life-threatening atlanto-occipital dislocation — the ligaments between the skull and the spine were torn. The story about Dr. Härtl’s surgery was featured in New York magazine the following year as part of the Medical Marvels series celebrating New York's Best Doctors.