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Free Brain Scans This Week in Lower Manhattan

Free Brain Scans This Week in Lower Manhattan
The Mobile MRI Unit of the Brain Tumor Foundation will be stationed in the Wall Street area as part of its Road to Early Detection campaign

Dr. Tomasiewicz Wins Distinguished Housestaff Award

Hilarie C. Tomasiewicz, MD, PhD

Hilarie C. Tomasiewicz, MD, PhD, chief resident in neurological surgery, was honored with a 2018 Distinguished Housestaff Award by the NewYork Weill Cornell Medical Center Alumni Council Board. The award is presented annually to one member of each department for all-around excellence.

A Personalized Approach for Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients

Dr. Prajwal Rajappa, Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Prajwal Rajappa coordinates Dr. Greenfield’s innovative program, in which every pediatric brain tumor patient operated on is offered genomic sequencing and a targeted medicine consultation as part of their standard of care.

Dr. Hartl and Dr. Thome Trade Visits in Hume Visiting Professorship

Dr. Roger Hartl and Dr. Claudius Thome

In late 2017, Dr. Roger Hartl and Dr. Claudius Thome were awarded the American Austrian Foundation’s 2017 Humes Visiting Professorships. The professorships are a bilateral exchange in which two distinguished course directors present at each other’s institutions. Dr. Hartl visited the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria on September 28,2018, to give his lecture. Last week Dr. Thome presented a Grand Rounds guest lecture at Weill Cornell, completing the exchange.

Dr. Stieg Delivers 2018 Elsberg Lecture

Dr. Stieg Delivers 2018 Elsberg Lecture

The lecture, “Global Neurosurgery: A Neurosurgeon’s Opportunity to Affect World Hope, Communication, and Health,” focused on the extensive programs the neurosurgeons of Weill Cornell Medicine have developed over the past two decades in under-served areas of the world.