Intra-operative use of indigo carmine dye for the delineation of ill-defined tumor borders using stereotactic injection

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Principal Investigator: Theodore Schwartz, MD

Low-grade gliomas are brain tumors with usually poorly defined borders between tumor and normal brain. This characteristic of low-grade gliomas makes the gross total resection of the tumor extremely difficult. Nevertheless, several studies have demonstrated that the risk of recurrence and progression into a more malignant tumor can be decreased with a more aggressive surgical resection. An aggressive attempt to achieve a gross total resection may result in the resection of normal brain and therefore neurological injury. For this reason, the more common error is to subtotally resect the tumor, leaving significant volumes of tumor behind. Many techniques have been introduced to safely increase the extent of resection, since the extent of resection is associated with a higher survival rate. Each one of these techniques has several shortcomings. The current study will assess whether the intraoperative stereotactic injection of the indigo carmine at the tumor margins helps to safely increase of extent of tumor resection.

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