Intraventricular Endoscopic Neurosurgical Observership

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The Department of Neurological Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College offers a three-month observership in endoscopic brain surgery. This observership helps fill the need many neurosurgeons-in-training have for in-depth exposure to minimally invasive techniques.

This is a nonclinical, research-based observership. Participants will observe cases in the operating room and be involved in research projects including clinical reports and cadaveric dissection in the Weill Cornell Medical College’s advanced Surgical Innovations Laboratory for Skull Base Microneurosurgery.

The major objective of the observership is to advance the field, improve safety, and further define the surgical indications of intraventricular endoscopic neurosurgery. Investigative efforts will be distributed through published peer-reviewed works for the benefit of neurosurgeons worldwide. Participants are expected to spend a minimum of three months and will receive a stipend that is dependent upon their level of training.

This unique opportunity will no doubt help to further the field of minimally invasive and endoscopic neurosurgery on both a national and international front.

The observership is under the direction of Dr. Mark Souweidane, Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center. (This observership is not limited to pediatrics.) Contact Dr. Souweidane for more information about this observership.

See also Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Skull Base Fellowship, under the direction of Dr. Theodore Schwartz.