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Prajwal Rajappa, M.D.

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Prajwal Rajappa, M.D.

After obtaining his M.D., Prajwal Rajappa accepted a fellowship position in the Department of Neurological Surgery under the mentorship of Jeffrey P. Greenfield, M.D., Ph.D., and Mark M. Souweidane, M.D., providing him the unique opportunity to focus on the cancer biology and molecular mechanisms that drive pediatric brain tumors.  Along with his research interests, Dr. Rajappa currently manages the Pediatric Brain Tumor Bank, maintains regulatory aspects of WCMC IRB-approved study protocols, and mentors undergraduate and medical students who choose to intern in the Pediatric Neuro-oncology laboratory setting.

Dr. Rajappa’s work examines the functional role of bone marrow-derived cells (BDMCs) in promoting neovascularization within the glioma microenvironment during low grade glioma transformation.  In collaboration with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), his studies also explore the translational potential of experimental drug inhibitors with a view to impair BMDC recruitment during the “angiogenic switch” phase of gliomagenesis.

Along with his neuro-oncology research initiatives, and with the support of Dr. Mark Souweidane, Dr. Rajappa has been able to fuel his passion for clinical trials. This is demonstrated in his current role as a Co-Investigator and coordinator for a Children’s Oncology Group(COG) Protocol for Collecting and Banking Primary Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Specimens (ACNS02B3) along with facilitating the Protocol for the Enrollment on the Official COG Registry, The Childhood Cancer Research Network (ACCRN07). Dr. Rajappa’s clinical interests include intra-arterial drug delivery platforms, neuroendoscopy, and stereotactic radiosurgery.