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DIPG: Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma

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DIPG, also referred to as pontine glioma, is a brainstem tumor that occurs almost exclusively in children under age 10. It affects several hundred children a year in the United States, but it's considered too rare for major research funding, so the prognosis has not improved in decades.

The Children's Brain Tumor Project at Weill Cornell Medicine Pediatric Brain and Spine Center has made DIPG research a priority by launching an innovative clinical trial testing convection-enhanced delivery (CED) of a therapeutic drug. The project is funded almost entirely by the families and communities of children diagnosed with the disease, who understand how critical it is to find answers. This site contains a wealth of information about DIPG, the clinical trial, and the Children's Brain Tumor Project:

NEWS: Dr. Souweidane Presents DIPG Trial Update at ASCO 2019

Dr. Souweidane's Phase 1 Clinical Trial Findings Published in Lancet Oncology

Dr. Souweidane Presents Clinical Trial Results at ASCO

Clinical Trial Update as of July 2017: We are currently recruiting additional patients on the Phase 1 study with further dose escalation. (Call 212-639-2336 for enrollment information.) Our concept for a multicenter study through the PBTC was recently approved by CTEP. This is a feasibility study. We are also submitting a Phase 1 study between MSKCC and UCSF for a different drug (Panobinostat) using CED in a similar fashion to what we have been doing. 

Dr. Souweidane's DIPG Clinical Trial

Published articles:
Biomarker-based PET imaging in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma mouse models
Influence of an intratumoral cyst on drug distribution in convection-enhanced delivery: A case report
Advances in Molecular Imaging of Locally Delivered Targeted Therapeutics for Central Nervous System Tumors
Dual Inhibition of PI3K/AKT and MEK/ERK Pathways Induces Synergistic Antitumor Effects in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Cells
A novel magnetic resonance imaging segmentation technique for determining diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma tumor volume

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