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The View From Tanzania

By Maria Santos, M.D.
Global Neurosurgery Fellow
Bugando Medical Centre
Mwanza, Tanzania

For a Western-trained doctor like myself, the emotional shocks occur daily. But each saved life reinforces the drive that brought me here.

Focused Ultrasound: A New Hope for Movement Disorders

By Michael G. Kaplitt, MD, PhD
Vice Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery
Director, Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Service

Yesterday I became the first doctor in New York to perform an exciting new procedure on a patient with essential tremor, using high-intensity focused ultrasound to target the source of the tremors.

The Physical and Emotional Brain

By Philip E. Stieg, PhD, MD

My patients come to me with brain tumors, cerebrovascular disorders, and other neurosurgical conditions, and they entrust me not only with their brains but also with their minds, their senses, and even their emotions.

A New Era in Brain Health

By Philip E. Stieg, PhD, MD

Building awareness of the importance of brain health, and then getting individuals to change their habits accordingly, is a campaign that remains in its infancy.