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Janica Goulbourne and Dr Stieg
Janica received multiple nominations, all of which referred to her as thorough, efficient, detail-oriented, and collegial.
Spirals pre and post FUS procedure

• Medicare patients can now have focused ultrasound procedure for essential tremor at NYP
• Dr. Kaplitt is the most experienced neurosurgeon in New York in using focused ultrasound for tremor
• Many more potential uses for focused ultrasound are now being explored

With the installation of high-intensity focused ultrasound technology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine, the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center has expanded treatment options for...

Today: Kristin Strybing, Kim Salvaggio, and Suzie Wollard join Dr. Stieg to mark their 20th anniversaries

Today the Department of Neurological Surgery honors three outstanding team members, all of whom are marking their 20-year anniversaries with us. Kimberly Salvaggio, MSN, FNP-BC; Kristin Strybing, MS, FNP-BC; and Suzan Wollard, MMSc, PA-C, all joined the team within a few months of one another between late 2001 and early 2002, during a period of extraordinary growth in the department. Two decades later they are three of our...

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

On February 3 each year we take a moment to honor women physicians everywhere. The date marks the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first woman in America to receive a medical degree. Born in England in 1821, Elizabeth moved to the United States with her family as a child. Her desire to become a physician was met with scorn and she was rejected by every medical school she applied to. It is said that her ultimate...

Mayor Adams Thanks Dr. Greenfield

It's not unusual for a high-profile trauma case to be brought to NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center, and when that trauma is a head injury our on-call neurosurgeon is summoned to the Emergency Department no matter the hour. When the injured patient is an NYPD officer who's been shot in the head, it gets a bit more attention in the media than usual. We were delighted to hear Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield, the neurosurgeon who was on call New Year's Day, and Dr. Rahul Sharma, the head of the Emergency...

Above: Dr. Mark Souweidane, John Rivera, and Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield on Giving Tuesday 2021. Below, Cristian Rivera celebrates Halloween with his dad.

On "Giving Tuesday" (November 30), the Children’s Brain Tumor Project  received a profound surprise from the Cristian Rivera Foundation (CRF)—a donation of $302,120 in support of Dr. Mark Souweidane’s...

Dr. Phil Stieg and Destinie Trosa, Winner of Neurosurgery Outstanding Service Award

The Neurosurgery Outstanding Service Award spotlights members of the department who go above and beyond their assigned duties and who exemplify the core values of the department.

The most recent winner is Destinie Trosa, a surgical coordinator working with patients of Dr. Stieg, Dr. Kaplitt, and Dr. Cisse. It's an intense job that requires painstaking attention to detail and endless followup, making sure that all pre-operative testing has been done, all insurance issues resolved, and—...

Dr. Judy Ch'ang and Jenny Mears
The awards, given each year to honor outstanding PAs on each campus of the health system, recognize excellence in the profession and a stellar commitment to patient care.
Best in Neurosurgery in the World

The neurosurgery service at Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University Irving Medical Center at NewYork-Presbyterian has been ranked #1 in the world by Newsweek magazine. In a survey conducted over the summer of 2021, Newsweek and Statista asked experts worldwide to recommend and rank hospitals in their own area of expertise as well as in an optional secondary area.  More than 40,000 medical experts were asked to choose the top hospitals in the world for 10 specialties, and the...

Dr. Jared Knopman on ABC News
Dr. Jared Knopman recently appeared on ABC TV News talking about little Miles Rizzo, whose vein of Galen malformation was treated with multiple surgeries over his first year of life.

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