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2020: An Unusual (and Unusually Accomplished) Year in Neurosurgery

It was an unusual, yet unusually accomplished year in our department. During this extraordinary pandemic year, we've increased regional services, expanded our expertise, implemented a telemedicine program, and so much more. Join our chairman, Dr. Philip E. Stieg, as he takes you through the news and updates at Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center — we look forward to being back, but in truth, we never left!

Dr. Stieg Shares His Story

In a rare conversation about his personal life, the neurosurgeon-in-chief reveals the surgical complication that could have claimed his own life at age 8, and how he moved on from that to get to his current role

Neurosurgery Team Member Jeannie Nguyen

The Neurosurgery Outstanding Service Award spotlights members of the department who go above and beyond their assigned duties. The quarterly award recognizes those who exemplify the core values of the department.

The most recent winner is senior patient coordinator Jeannie Nguyen, who received multiple nominations from her colleagues. Jeannie won praise in several categories, including Collegiality/Teamwork (“she’s always in good spirits” and “takes initiative and is a...

Kai-Ming Fu, MD, PhD
Kai-Ming Fu, MD, PhD, has been named chief of neurological surgery at the newly expanded Weill Cornell Medicine Lower Manhattan Spine Center.
Dr. K. Daniel Riew
“The addition of Dr. Riew to our team further underscores the immense talent that we have here at the Center for Comprehensive Spine Care,” says Dr. Roger Härtl.
Neurosurgery Award Winners

The Neurological Surgery Outstanding Service Award has taken even more meaning this year during the pandemic. The award spotlights members of the department who go above and beyond their assigned duties and who exemplify the core values of the department, including collegiality/teamwork, compassion, perseverance/commitment, and leadership.

We wish we could bestow 150 of these awards, given how many individuals went above and beyond, but we singled out three whose efforts stood out in...

Dr Jared Knopman, Weill Cornell Medicine
Dr. Jared Knopman, who has been a pioneer in the use of middle meningeal artery embolization for subdural hematomas, will lead a new FDA-approved clinical trial of the procedure.
John Park, MD, PhD, has joined the faculty of Weill Cornell Medicine as Chief of Neurological Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens
Dr. Park takes on the leadership of a neurosurgical team that provides world-class care for all conditions of the brain and spine to more than 2.3 million residents of Queens.
Automated Tumor Preservation System from Nico
In this study, Dr. Ramakrishna and team aim to understand how tissue processing in the pre-analytic phase affects downstream tissue analyses.
U.S. News Best Hospitals 2020
The annual hospital rankings from US News & World Report are out, and once again NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has been named the best in New York.

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