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Harnessing Neurosurgery to Advance Science

By Michael Kaplitt, MD, PhD, and Mark Souweidane, MD

The neurosurgeons at Weill Cornell Medicine are developing many new ways to approach a wide variety of brain diseases, and frequently collaborate with specialists in many disciplines to use our skills and our understanding of the brain to advance their fields as well as ours. Some of our most gratifying projects are those that use neurosurgery in novel and exciting ways to find the potential cures of the future.

Why I Got Vaccinated

By Philip E. Stieg

Chairman and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief
Margaret and Robert J. Hariri, MD ’87, PhD ’87 Professor of Neurological Surgery

I know some people still have some hesitancy about getting the Covid-19 vaccine – there is a natural tendency to equate “warp speed” with “cut corners,” and so there is some suspicion that the vaccine wasn’t adequately tested before being approved. That’s simply not true – and here's why we all need to get the shot