The Magic of Focused Ultrasound: Patient Stories

What our Patients Say

Steve Smith, a businessman and avid golfer from Long Island, New York, was 50 years old when he started to develop a tremor on his left side. It didn’t bother him at first, but over the next ten years the tremor grew worse. Things like drinking a...
“It’s the little things that really matter,” says Katina Ansen. “Filing my nails, or using one hand to hold a pot handle while turning the spatula with the other – it’s the things you don’t even think of!” For someone with essential tremor, however...
The CEO talks about the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound procedure she underwent for essential tremor.
Katina Ansen didn’t mind her hand tremors too much at first. The shaking was mild, and as long as she could still create art, she found it to be tolerable. Her illustrations and paintings on delicate surfaces including ceramic, fabric, and glass...

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