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Epilepsy Surgery Program

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Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield, Dr. Theodore Schwartz, and Dr. Kenneth Perrine
The Epilepsy Surgery Program team (left to right): Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield, Dr. Theodore Schwartz, and Dr. Kenneth Perrine

The Epilepsy Surgery Program at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center is a part of the widely acclaimed Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian. Nationally recognized for its pioneering achievements in research and clinical innovations, the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center provides a multidisciplinary approach to the complex medical and social needs of patients with seizure disorders.

Individuals and families receiving care here have access to the vast resources of one of the country's most prestigious medical and teaching institutions.

The Epilepsy Surgery Program provides treatment for children and adults whose seizures cannot be controlled with medication. A third of all individuals have what’s known as “refractory” epilepsy, or epilepsy that does not respond to anti-seizure medications. Some patients suffer significant impairments as a result of side effects from medications, and some children with frequent, uncontrolled seizures may experience behavioral issues. Children and adults with hard-to-manage seizures may be considered candidates for epilepsy surgery if their seizures remain uncontrolled after trying three or more anti-epileptic medications. Epilepsy surgery may be either palliative (offering relief of symptoms) or curative (an effective cure for some types of epilepsy).

The Epilepsy Surgery Program is directed by Dr. Theodore Schwartz. In addition to performing surgery for epilepsy, Dr. Schwartz is internationally known for his pioneering research in the field of epilepsy mapping and treatment. In his laboratory at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center, Dr. Schwartz is leading a research effort investigating brain function — and dysfunction — as related to epileptic seizures. (Read more about Dr. Schwartz’s epilepsy research laboratory.)

On the pediatric side of the Epilepsy Surgery Program are Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield and Dr. Caitlin Hoffman, the pediatric neurosurgeons at the Brain and Spine Center who specialize in epilepsy surgery in children.