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2018 Stroke and Neurocritical Care Conference (Queens)

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Advances in the care and prevention of stroke has led to decreasing mortality and improved outcomes for stroke patients in the U.S. However, the number of patients having strokes in the U.S. is rising with the aging of our population.

Strokes affect young people as well. Stroke is a devastating disease that can lead to significant long-term disability and loss of productivity. Current advances in stroke care emphasize timely delivery of acute treatment, risk assessment, and prevention according to the most current stroke guidelines. Advances in more rapid delivery of thrombolytic treatment in the emergency room has led to significant improvement in outcomes for these patients. Likewise, taking the emergency room to the patient by way of a Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit constitutes the latest technological advances aimed at the most rapid treatment for stroke.

Neurocritical care is a subspecialty of neurology that is essential to treat the sickest of neurological patients. Patients in the Neuro-ICU often have significant neurological injuries but can still recovery with effective treatment. Physicians and health care providers require updates on the latest diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to provide optimal patient care.

This combined stroke and neurocritical care conference will provide attendees with practice-based information on the following topics: new AHA guidelines for acute stroke treatment, consideration of treating patent foramen ovale (PFO) in stroke patients, appropriate neuroimaging for stroke, EMS systems for transferring patients to designated stroke centers, emergency management of acute stroke from a physician’s assistant perspective, unique aspects of stroke in the Chinese population, review of mechanical thrombectomy trials, update on the MSTU in Queens. In addition, there will be discussions on neurocritical care management of acute stroke, ICH, and non-stroke patients. Finally, neurointerventional management of both intra- and extracranial vessel disease will be discussed.

Target Audience:
Primary care physicians, neurologists, ER physicians, residents, fellow, interns, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical students, registered nurses, and others involved in the care of stroke patients and those in the Neuro-ICU.

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