Brain Metastases Symposium

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The one-day symposium will consist of lectures that will provide a comprehensive overview of metastatic central nervous system disease for the physician and support staff, followed by treatment sections that highlight current practices as well as novel approaches to longstanding problems, particularly in the era of immunotherapy and stereotactic radiation.

More information and online registration

7:30am-8:00am Breakfast/Registration
Belfer Research Building

8:00am-8:05am Welcome
Philip E. Stieg, Ph.D., M.D. and Rohan Ramakrishna, M.D.

8:05am-8:30am Classification of Brain Mets
Paul Sperduto, M.D.

8:30am-8:50am Imaging Assessment of Brain Mets
Gloria Chia-Yi Chiang, M.D.

8:50am-9:15am Role of Precision Oncology for Brain Mets
Justine Cohen, M.D.

9:15am-10:15am Chemotherapy for Brain Mets
Lung Manmeet Ahluwalia, M.D.
Breast Ari Morikawa, M.D.
Melanoma Paul Chapman, M.D.

10:15am-10:25am Q & A
Rohan Ramakrishna, M.D.

10:25am-10:40am BREAK

10:40am-11:00am Management of Leptomeningeal Disease
Adrienne Boire, M.D.

11:00am-11:20am Surgery and Its Role
Rohan Ramakrishna, M.D.

11:20am-11:40pm WBRT and Its Role
Jonathan Knisely, M.D.

11:40pm-12:00pm SRS and Its Role
Susan Pannullo, M.D.

12:00pm-1:00pm LUNCH

1:00pm-1:25pm Controversies in SRS
Douglas Kondziolka, M.D.

1:25pm-1:50pm Neuropsychological Sequelae of Brain Mets and Their Treatment and Preventive Strategies
Jeffrey Scott Wefel, M.D.

1:50pm-2:10pm Role of Brachytherapy
Theodore Schwartz, M.D.

2:10pm-2:35pm Radiation Necrosis and LITT
Veronica Chiang, M.D.

2:35pm-2:55pm SRS and Immunotherapy
Silvia Formenti, M.D.

2:55pm-3:05pm BREAK

3:05pm-3:25pm Management of Seizures in Patients with Brain Mets
Rajiv Magge, M.D.

3:25pm-3:45pm Palliative Care Needs in Patients with Brain Mets
Milagros Silva, M.D.

3:45pm-4:05pm Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Brain Mets Patients
Chiti Parikh, M.D.

4:05pm-4:20pm Wrap up