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Dr. Stieg Shares His Story

Dr. Stieg Shares His Story

In a rare conversation about his personal life, the neurosurgeon-in-chief reveals the surgical complication that could have claimed his own life at age 8, and how he moved on from that to get to his current role

It's a No-Brainer: Honoring Neurosurgery Team Member Jeannie Nguyen

Jeannie Nguyen and Dr. Philip E. Stieg

The Neurosurgery Outstanding Service Award spotlights members of the department who go above and beyond their assigned duties. The quarterly award recognizes those who exemplify the core values of the department.

Honoring Women Physicians

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

On February 3 each year we take a moment to honor women physicians everywhere. The date marks the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first woman in America to receive a medical degree. Born in England in 1821, Elizabeth moved to the United States with her family as a child. Her desire to become a physician was met with scorn and she was rejected by every medical school she applied to.

Dr. Fu Named Chief of Neurosurgery at New Lower Manhattan Spine Center

Kai-Ming Fu, MD, PhD

Kai-Ming Fu, MD, PhD, has been named chief of neurological surgery at the newly expanded Weill Cornell Medicine Lower Manhattan Spine Center.

Dr. Dan Riew Joins the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center

Dr. K. Daniel Riew

“The addition of Dr. Riew to our team further underscores the immense talent that we have here at the Center for Comprehensive Spine Care,” says Dr. Roger Härtl.