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Dr. Baaj Publishes New Guide to Thoracic Surgery

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Surgery of the Thoracic Spine: Principles and Techniques

Ali A. Baaj, MD, and two co-editors have produced a new book, Surgery of the Thoracic Spine: Principles and Techniques, as a guide for neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons who treat patients with pathologies of the thoracic spine and vertebral column. Along with Drs. Kumar Kakarla and Han Jo Kim, Dr. Baaj has produced a text that covers both common conditions – including stenosis, herniated discs, and trauma – and less common ones, such as spondylarthropathies, osteomyelitis, discitis, and fungal and tubercular infections.

The book includes an overview of the thoracic region and its unique role in pulmonary function, along with in-depth reviews of advanced surgical practices, including neuromonitoring and intraoperative navigation. Surgical options for different types of scoliosis are covered in depth.

A copy of Surgery of the Thoracic Spine: Principles and Techniques is included in the registration fee for the upcoming CME course, the fourth annual “Principles and Techniques of Complex Spinal Reconstruction,” which Dr. Baaj and Dr. Kim are co-directing on March 22 and 23, 2019. (More about the course here, along with online registration.)

This is Dr. Baaj’s second book — his first, the Handbook of Spine Surgery, was published in 2016. Both books are available for order on the Thieme web site.

Surgery of the Thoracic Spine: Principles and Techniques

Handbook of Spine Surgery