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It’s a No Brainer: Erin Mack Awarded First Outstanding Service Award

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Erin with the chairman, Dr. Philip Stieg
Erin Mack with the Chairman and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief, Dr. Philip Stieg

Pediatrics administrative assistant Erin Mack was named the first-ever winner of the Neurosurgery Outstanding Service Award for her work at the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center. Erin serves as the sole administrative assistant to our three pediatric neurosurgeons: Dr. Mark Souweidane, Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield, and Dr. Caitlin Hoffman.

Every quarter, the new Neurosurgery Outstanding Service Award will spotlight a member of the Department of Neurological Surgery who goes above and beyond to assist our physicians, patients, or colleagues. The award calls out team members who exemplify the core values of the neurological surgery department, including collegiality/teamwork, compassion, perseverance/commitment, and leadership.

Erin was nominated by her teammates Ashley O’Connor and Therese Haussner, who wrote testimonials on her behalf. Ashley, pediatrics nurse practitioner and program director of the craniofacial program, wrote, “Erin does a tremendous amount of work both in volume and complexity for Team Peds. Erin is the ‘momma bear’ to Team Peds. She treats each member of the team like part of her family.”

Therese, nurse practitioner with Dr. Souweidane’s practice, wrote, “Erin is continuously going above and beyond for people. She will be the first to assist you if you need something.” 

Congratulations again to Erin for displaying excellence in the core values of the department. She and future winners will be honored on a plaque to be placed in the Neurological Surgery conference room.

Nominations are considered quarterly, and submissions for the next award close on July 19, 2019. Team members should email nomination forms to nsserviceaward@med.cornell.edu (nomination forms are on the shared drive, or email the award address to request one).