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Mayor Adams Thanks Dr. Greenfield and Dr. Sharma

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Mayor Adams Thanks Dr. Greenfield

It's not unusual for a high-profile trauma case to be brought to NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center, and when that trauma is a head injury our on-call neurosurgeon is summoned to the Emergency Department no matter the hour. When the injured patient is an NYPD officer who's been shot in the head, it gets a bit more attention in the media than usual. We were delighted to hear Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield, the neurosurgeon who was on call New Year's Day, and Dr. Rahul Sharma, the head of the Emergency Department here, called out by Mayor Adams in the press conference after his visit. It was all in a day's work for Dr. Greenfield, who says he didn't even know there was a press conference going on -- he was already headed home to join his family for breakfast.