Weill Cornell Doctors Perform NYC’s First Implants of High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulator

Neurosurgeon Michael D. Kaplitt, MD/PhD, and Pain Management specialist Neel Mehta, MD, recently implanted innovative new high-frequency spinal cord stimulators (SCSs) in two patients — the first in the tri-state area to receive them — for the relief of pain. This new device, which received FDA approval in May, represents a new generation of SCS technology and has the potential to deliver far better patient outcomes for those with chronic pain.

Existing SCS technology relieves pain by inducing a state of paresthesia — a steading tingling sensation that replaces the experience of pain. These low-frequency devices, although effective in many people, can be distracting in some patients — sudden movements can create inadvertent overstimulation — and they also don’t achieve the desired pain relief in everyone. The new high-frequency device can not only relieve pain, but it can do so without paresthesia or episodes of overstimulation.

The new high-frequency device, manufactured by Nevro, has been available for several years in Europe and has undergone extensive trials in the United States. Now FDA-approved, the device is a powerful treatment option for patients at the Weill Cornell Back and Neck Pain Program. (See more about the new device on the Pain Medicine web site.)

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Illustration by Thom Graves, CMI

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