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A New Lease on Life
Dr. Knopman saved Alain's life not once but twice. The second time he used an advanced INR technique to get to an especially tricky aneurysm. Read Alain's story >

Weill Cornell MedicineINR Clinical Trial
An ongoing clinical trial is testing selective intra-arterial chemotherapy (SIAC) as a way to deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to the tiny blood vessels at the site of a metastatic spine tumor.
Find out more about SIAC >


Weill Cornell Chiari CARE

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Endovascular NeurosurgeryEndovascular Neurosurgery

Interventional neuroradiologists specialize in minimally invasive treatments for cerebrovascular conditions including aneurysms, AVMs, and stroke. Find out about endovascular neurosurgery >

The INR Medical Team