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Outcomes Research in Complex Spine

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Dr. Ali Baaj is conducting a two-pronged research effort to improve outcomes for spine patients:

Research in Spinal Tumors and Spinal Deformity
Spine Tumors can strike at any age, and can have devastating consequences if not treated effectively. Dr. Ali Baaj is committed not only to helping his individual patients but also to helping neurosurgeons around the world find the best treatment options for those diagnosed with a tumor. That requires painstaking data analysis and outcomes research to determine which techniques are most effective in a wide range of cases. This research helps other neurosurgeons evaluate their own patients and choose the best treatment option.

Spinal Deformities range from mild scoliosis to life-altering disabilities and from simple to complex. Pediatric patients require substantially different care than adults, and geriatric patients have unique needs based on their age and overall health. Careful data analysis can uncover and define the variables that affect different populations and conditions and identify the best surgical approaches and techniques for individual patients.

Dr. Baaj’s outcomes research in spinal tumor and spinal deformity/scoliosis surgery will help inform the work of thousands of spine surgeons worldwide, improving quality of life for patients who benefit from their surgeon’s skills and knowledge.

Support for this work will fund current and future projects investigating surgical outcomes and how to optimize and improve techniques to achieve outstanding results.

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Training, Education, and Research
Dr. Baaj is dedicated to helping junior spine surgeons, as well as surgeons from under-served countries, develop the advanced skills they need to provide optimal patient care. He leads two continuing medical education events each year for neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons, and other providers, whose patients require expertise in complex spine surgical techniques and related clinical care. He is also committed to bringing young spine surgeons from around the nation and around the world to train them at our world-class facilities in New York. They return to their communities with new expertise in research as well as operative techniques, creating a “multiplier effect” that improves patient care everywhere.

Dr. Baaj also leads many national and international spine workshops specifically aimed at training surgeons in complex spinal techniques.

In addition to conducting hands-on training, Dr. Baaj literally wrote the book on spinal surgery for young spine surgeons. His Handbook of Spine Surgery is a key part of many a surgeon’s toolkit. He is also the principal author of a text on Thoracic Spine Surgery, with another text on Revision Spine Surgery in the works.

Support will fund post-doctoral students and medical school graduates who are interested in pursuing advanced research and training with Dr. Baaj. These young physicians come from all over the world to join our team at Weill Cornell Medicine, with stays between three months and a year. Working under Dr. Baaj’s mentorship, these doctors are involved in research and training initiatives as well as in publishing manuscripts and chapters and contributing to textbooks in spinal surgery.

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