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  • Pediatric Epilepsy Program

    Our comprehensive offering includes diagnostics, medical treatment, and surgery. Find out more about our Pediatric Epilepsy Program

Lobes of the Brain, Child

Learn About Pediatric Seizure Disorders
When your child is diagnosed with a seizure disorder, your best strategy is becoming better informed. Get the information you need to understand your child's condition and the medical and surgical options. About Pediatric Seizure Disorders >

Weill Cornell MedicineThe Weill Cornell Difference
Why choose Weill Cornell Medicine for your child's seizure disorder? We have world-class experts who can provide comprehensive care from diagnostics and medical management through palliative or curative surgery.
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Surgery for Epilepsy

Advanced Surgical Options for Epilepsy
Thanks to advances in laser surgery, neurostimulation, and focused ultrasound, the options for treating epilepsy are expanding. Surgical Options for Epilepsy >


Dr. Hoffman in AntiguaDr. Hoffman Brings Epilepsy Awareness to Antigua
Dr. Caitlin Hoffman led a team to the Caribbean nation, bringing epilepsy expertise to a population that desperately needs it.
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Pediatric Epilepsy Team