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Helmet Use and Traumatic Brain Injury in Snowboarding

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Helmet Use and Traumatic Brain Injury in Snowboarding

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major, world-wide health care problem and a leading cause of death and disability internationally. Every year TBI accounts for 1 million hospitalizations in the European Union and more than 1.4 million emergency department (ED) visits in the United States, with the actual number of injuries likely to be much greater when one takes into account unreported incidents, those not requiring hospitalization or ED visits, or the underreporting of sports concusssions 13, 21, 24 and 31. Many approaches have been underaken to reduce the incdience of these injuries, including protective gear such as helmets. Although common sense would dictate that helmet use should reduce the number and severity of new cases of TBI, there are few epidemiologic studies documenting the impact of helmet use in recreational sports.

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World Neurosurgery
Stieg PE, Perrine K


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