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Hongtao Ma, Ph.D.

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Hongtao Ma, Ph.D.

Hongtao Ma is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience Research in Neurological Surgery with a Ph.D. from Peking University in China. Dr. Ma’s research focuses on the spatiotemporal dynamics of epileptiform activity and developing new imaging modality for epilepsy monitoring. There are different neuronal as well as hemodynamic mechanisms involved during the initiation, propagation, and termination of epileptiform activity. Dr. Ma is using multiple techniques such as voltage sensitive dye, calcium imaging, intrinsic optical imaging, multiple unit activity, and electrode array to simultaneously record the neuronal and hemodynamic response during different stage of seizures. The results of this research will provide novel and more accurate ways to guide epilepsy surgery by identifying the precise location of the epilepsy focus.

Dr. Ma and the epilepsy research team are also developing a subdural implantable imaging device for long-term epilepsy imaging, which is currently not available. Successful development of long-term imaging will allow neuroscientists to better understand this disease and provide more effective treatment.

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