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Roberta Marongiu, Ph.D.

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Roberta Marongiu, PhD - Weill Cornell Medicine

Roberta Marongiu is an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience in Neurological Surgery. She also holds a secondary appointment in the Cornell Brain and Mind Institute. In the laboratory, she has been assisting Dr. Michael G. Kaplitt in developing novel AAV gene therapy approaches for Parkinson's disease and collaborating with researchers in Nobel Laureate Dr. Paul Greengard's laboratory at The Rockefeller University. Dr. Marongiu earned her Ph.D. in Medical Genetics and Neuroscience from University of Rome “Sapienza” Italy, and the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Marongiu’s research focuses on the genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease and the development of new adeno-associated virus vector (AAV)-mediated brain gene therapies for Parkinson’s disease. She is currently studying the role of the P11 gene (S100A10) and LRRK2 in dopaminergic-mediated motor striatal activity and Levodopa-induced dyskinesias. She is also particularly interested in characterizing the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and how sex-related differences influence the disease onset and progression.

Dr. Marongiu is also the co-founder and president of stoPD, a bi-coastal non-profit organization with the mission of giving people with Parkinson’s disease the tools and support they need to achieve a higher quality of life. Dr. Marongiu has been featured in several news reports, including this one on CBS Sunday Morning:


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