Comprehensive Brain Health

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Eat your way to a healthier brain with these foods

The past few decades have seen a dramatic improvement in our understanding of brain health. Far and away our most complex organ, the brain is responsible for not just physical functioning but also intellect, emotions, memory, and the very sense of self that make us feel like ourselves. Still, few individuals attend to their brain health in a meaningful way. (Take the quiz: How Well Are You Treating Your Brain?)

At Weill Cornell Medicine, we know that assess­ing and protecting brain health is criti­cally important to a long and healthy life. Our Comprehensive Brain Health Program is dedicated to providing individuals with the information and recommendations they need to maxi­mize their brain health. Advanced im­aging provides early detection of any potential issues, including vascular anomalies, cysts, or tumors, that can affect the brain’s health. Neurologi­cal, neuropsychological, and physical exams establish a baseline evaluation of your current brain health, and nutritional assessment provides a valuable tool for taking control of modifiable risk factors.

Your Comprehensive Brain Health assessment includes:

• Private interview and comprehensive physical and neurological examinations by world-class

neurological surgeon and internal medicine specialist

• Complete blood panel to evaluate overall health and, specifically, look for markers of future

brain disorders

• Evaluation of medical and family history to assess risk of future disease

• MRI and/or MRA scans to evaluate the physical health of the brain

• Neuropsychological testing to assess cognitive function and detect advance signs of memory or

attention issues

• Personal report and recommendations, with an assessment of your brain health today, your risks

in the future, and a roadmap to guide you in lifestyle choices that affect your brain’s health

All delivered by the advanced diagnosticians and clinicians at the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center.