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Acoustic Neuromas / Vestibular Schwannomas

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Doctors Who Treat Acoustic Neuromas

Although a schwannoma may be suspected or even tentatively diagnosed by a primary care physician, an acoustic neuroma should only be treated by an experienced neurosurgeon at a major medical center. Within neurosurgery, there are sub-specialists whose expertise in treating acoustic neuromas and other skull base conditions is unparalleled:

A neurosurgeon associated with a Skull Base Surgery Program is best qualified to treat an acoustic neuroma surgically.  Neurosurgery is a demanding practice that requires the most skilled surgeons with the most extensive experience along with compassion and empathy for people. The neurosurgeons at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center’s Skull Base Surgery Program have an international reputation for their expertise.

Neurosurgeons who specialize in stereotactic radiosurgery have advanced training in the use of advanced stereotactic techniques and equipment, including the Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, proton beams, and linear accelerators. These noninvasive techniques are on the cutting edge of neurosurgery and require the most experienced surgeons with the most up-to-date training in the technology and procedures used to treat many conditions, including acoustic neuromas.

These highly trained neurosurgeons who specialize in skull base surgery are available to treat acoustic neuromas:

Dr Philip E. Stieg, Weill Cornell MedicinePhilip E. Stieg, Ph.D., M.D., the chairman and neurosurgeon-in-chief of the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center and the co-director of the Acoustic Neuroma Program, is one of the top neurosurgeons in the nation and has been named one of America’s Top Doctors by Castle Connolly since that designation was created (more than 20 years in a row). Dr. Stieg has developed an international reputation in the area of cerebrovascular disorders and brain tumor surgery; his work has been broadly published and he has contributed to groups such as the Joint Sections of Cerebrovascular Surgery of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Congress of Neurological Surgeons (AANS/CNS). He is the past President of the Society of University Neurosurgeons and has received multiple awards and honors for his work. (Read more about Dr. Stieg.)

Dr. Susan PannulloDr. Susan Pannullo, M.D., is board-certified in both Neurology and Neurological Surgery and specializes in stereotactic radiosurgery. Her practice allows her access to the GammaKnife, CyberKnife, and Brainlab iX, all of which allow non-invasive treatment of acoustic neuromas, spinal tumors, and other conditions of the brain and spine. (Read more about Dr. Pannullo.)

Dr. Rohan RamakrishnaRohan Ramakrishna, M.D. is an award-winning neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of brain tumors and other central nervous system tumors. Dr. Ramakrishna treats patients with gliomas, metastatic disease, skull base lesions, and pituitary disorders. He employs advanced awake mapping, imaging techniques, and microsurgery to ensure maximal tumor removal and achieve the safest possible surgical outcomes. (Read more about Dr. Ramakrishna.)

Dr. Babacar CisseBabacar Cisse, M.D., Ph.D., Leon Levy Research Fellow at the Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute, is an award-winning neurosurgeon with special expertise in acoustic neuromas and other brain and spinal tumors. He utilizes advanced neuro-navigation, ultrasound, imaging, motor and speech mapping, and endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes for his patients. A native of Senegal, Dr. Cisse received his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Bard College, then his combined MD/PhD degrees with Distinction from Columbia University in New York. (Read more about Dr. Cisse)

The neurosurgeons at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center are fortunate to be part of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital team. The 2019 "America's Best Hospitals" ranking in US News and World Report placed NewYork-Presbyterian as the #1 hospital in New York, and our Neurology and Neurosurgery program ranks as the #1 program in New York. Together, the NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center team is the best choice for skull base surgery and the treatment of acoustic neuromas.

At NewYork-Presbyterian Queens:

Rupa Gopalan Juthani , MD Rupa Gopalan Juthani, M.D., is an award-winning neurosurgeon who specializes in tumors of the brain and spine. Dr. Juthani has expertise in a wide range of oncologic conditions including brain metastases, gliomas, and pituitary adenoma. Dr. Juthani also specializes in the treatment of spine tumors, including minimally invasive approaches and spinal radiosurgery. Dr. Juthani has unique training in laser surgery, radiosurgery, and robotic surgery, and is part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team that provides integrated care for her patients. Dr. Juthani sees patients at her office in Forest Hills and performs surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens in Flushing and at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan. (Read more about Dr. Juthani.)

More about the Acoustic Neuroma Program

Dr. Samuel SelesnickNeurosurgeons work closely with otolaryngologists (ENT specialists) in the treatment of acoustic neuromas. At the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center our neurosurgeons collaborate with Samuel H. Selesnick, M.D. to ensure that patients get the very best treatment.

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