Nominate Your Colleague for Outstanding Work

Core Values: Integrity, Collegiality, Compassion, Perseverance, Leadership, Scientific Curiosity, Technical Superiority

Use this form to nominate a neurosurgery colleague for the Outstanding Service Award, presented quarterly to a member of the team who demonstrates excellence in one or more of our core values. When considering someone for the award, think of the individual who went above and beyond expectations to assist you, a patient, and/or a colleague. Please be specific — telling us that someone is always nice to patients isn't enough; we would like to hear about specific instances of someone going above and beyond the job.

Nomination form submissions are due by the 15th of April, July, October, and January for the previous quarter. One award per employee per calendar year.

2022: Janica Goulbourne | Sandra Soeknandan and Daysi Fernandez
2021: Neria Douglass | Destinie Trosa
Special 20th Anniversary Edition: Kim Salvaggio, Kristin Strybing, and Suzie Wollard!
2020: John Bennett | Alvin Quitiquit | Natalie Perez | Jeanne Nguyen
2019: Erin Mack | Ashley O'Connor | Harry Linen

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